Inground Liner Installation

inground liner installation

Inground Liner Installation

Unfortunately, inground pool liners won’t last forever.  The average in-ground pool liner will last anywhere between 5-12 years. There are a number of factors that contribute to the longevity of your pool liner. Proper pool maintenance and winterizing of your pool at the end of the season is essential.  A pool closed improperly will require a number of repairs in the spring.

Living here in New England, with cold snowy winters, is a top reason why your pool liner might become damaged.  With in-ground pools, the most important element of your pool is water.  The pool liner filled with water is what keeps your pool in place year after year.  The water equalizes all the weight from the earth around the outside of the pool and keeps the ground water at bay. During winter months, with extreme cold, your in-ground pool water can freeze.  The freezing of the water can cause a liner to tear and crack.

We provide Liner installations with a variety of liners to choose from.  We understand that your pool is an investment.  Having your pool in working order is important to you and your family. We want to provide you with a timely installation so that you can enjoy the warm weather.

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Basic Liner Installation Cost

16 x 32 = $2,650.00

18 x 36 = $2,850.00

20 x 40 = $3,050.00


Liner Styles to Choose From